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Post Office joins convenience store for new 24-hour offering

The opening of a new Post Office on New Oxford Street in London has marked the first in the new strategy of the postal service.

The new 24-hour branch is based inside The Convenience Store on 71 New Oxford Street. A further 25 openings are planned in London including in branches in Islington and Kings Cross.

These openings are part of the Post Office’s wider plan to ensure to be more available to customers and accommodate the city’s growing population.

Debbie Smith, chief executive of retail at the Post Office, said: “What we are doing here in London is part of a wider strategy to ensure we have Post Office services in the right location to best serve our customers’ evolving needs.

“By teaming up with successful retailers with a vibrant retail offer, we’re able to create hubs of essential services that are one stop shops for our customers. By responding in this way to customer demands, and adapting to meet their needs, we’re building a Post Office network not just for today, but for tomorrow too.”

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