Department Stores
    43 seconds ago

    Epiris announces Sharps acquisition

    Epiris has announced that its Epiris Fund II has agreed to acquire Sharps, the fitted…
    55 mins ago

    New report reveals the retailers with the best brand logos

    Researchers polled the nation to discover the most iconic brands with The Nike swoosh –…
    2 hours ago

    Aldi to remove 1.4bn pieces of plastic in own-brand tea bags

    Aldi has committed to removing approximately 1.4 billion pieces of single-use plastic from all its…
    Department Stores
    5 hours ago

    John Lewis faces criticism over third-party fees

    Department store chain John Lewis has reportedly faced criticism from third-party brands for the fees…
    High Street
    5 hours ago

    BPF slams gov’s commercial property rent moratorium extension

    The British Property Federation (BPF) has come out against the government’s latest commercial property rent…


      4 days ago

      In the age of online shopping, shoplifting has gone digital

      April this year signalled a fresh start for shop owners as lockdown restrictions on non-essential retailers in the UK were…
      5 days ago

      Why data is the key to business survival and growth for e-commerce

      Data has been heralded as the new gold for a few years now, but the last year really demonstrated just…
      6 days ago

      Brightpearl: Bringing automation to the masses

      The pandemic has undoubtedly changed almost all facets to modern life, and retail is no exception. After a year of…
      1 week ago

      Bringing brick-and-mortar retail into the digital age

      In April, we saw UK retail sales surge as non-essential stores across England opened for the first time after months of ongoing…
      1 week ago

      The embedded finance revolution in retail

      The retail sector is in the midst of a huge digital transformation. From digital wallets and savings accounts, to frictionless…
      2 weeks ago

      How retailers can reduce returns through the use of Google Shopping and AR

      The pandemic has significantly accelerated the adoption of e-commerce, with the total proportion of UK online sales remaining considerably higher…
      3 weeks ago

      Why increasing the plastic bag charge won’t be enough to reduce consumption

      In a bid to stop the environmental damage caused by plastic bags, the government has recently increased the charge for…
      3 weeks ago

      The benefits of the Amazon model are overstated – it’s time for true disruption

      It is undeniable that Covid jumped ecommerce into 2030. A 2021 report from Retail Economics and Natwest discovered that since…
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