Top 10 UK Retailers 2022-23

Welcome to Retail Sector’s Top 10 UK retailers for 2022-23.

Tesco is the largest UK retailer by both turnover and number of employees.

Amazon comes in as the largest by EBIDTA although this is largely because of its global footprint.

Boots comes in at 10th place.


Retailer Turnover Number of Employees EBITDA Date Reported
1. Tesco £54.76bn 354,744 £4.2bn 26-Feb-22
2. Sainsbury’s £28.8bn 181,000 £2.14bn 6-Mar-22
3. Asda £22.8bn 145,000 £2.54bn 31-Dec-21
4. Amazon UK £26.92bn 51,059 £20.4bn 31-Dec-21
5. Morrisons £17.6bn 118,047 £1.07bn 31-Oct-21
6. Aldi £13.5bn 181,334 £264.8m 31-Dec-21
7. Co-Op £11.2bn 62,537 £500m 31-Dec-21
8. M&S £10.9bn 67,086 £522m 2-Apr-22
9. Lidl £7.7bn 25,971 1.54bn 28-Feb-21
10. Boots £5.8bn 56,000 £710m 31-Dec-21


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