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Navigating the Gen Z Shift in Retail

The retail sector has been hit by a shortage of talent and declining employee motivation over the last few years, but change is coming. By the year 2025, Gen Z will account for 27% of all employees and with that comes a different outlook.

This generational shift presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the retail industry. Gen Z’s entrance into the workforce signals a pivotal moment for employers to reassess and realign their strategies to not only attract but also retain this new wave of talent. The WorkBuzz employee engagement survey platform emerges as a key tool offering innovative solutions to bridge the gap between employers and the deskless workforce, which forms the backbone of the retail sector.

Embracing change: The Gen Z difference

Gen Z arrives with a set of values and expectations that diverge significantly from previous generations. Known as ‘digital natives’, they leverage technology effortlessly, demand flexibility in their work arrangements, and prioritise mental health and work-life balance. Their entry into the workforce marks a critical time for retail leaders to adapt and evolve, ensuring their organisations remain attractive to this dynamic and purpose-driven cohort.

Our latest eBook, “Navigating the Gen Z Shift“, is crafted specifically for senior leaders in the retail sector, offering deep insights into understanding and engaging with Gen Z employees. This comprehensive guide provides:

  • An in-depth profile of Gen Z – Gain a thorough understanding of Gen Z workers—their values, aspirations, and what they seek in an employer
  • Generational shift analysis – Explore the implications of the evolving workforce demographics and how it impacts the retail landscape
  • Employee challenges and solutions – Uncover the unique challenges faced by today’s employees and discover innovative, practical solutions to address them
  • Engagement strategies – Learn how to harness the potential of Gen Z workers through targeted engagement strategies that resonate with their values and expectations

In facing the current talent shortage and declining motivation from the workforce, it’s evident that traditional methods no longer suffice. The retail sector must pivot, embracing new approaches to attract and retain the best talent. “Navigating the Gen Z Shift” serves as a roadmap for this transformation, equipping leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in this new era.

By downloading our eBook, you’re taking the first step towards becoming an employer of choice for Gen Z—a move that will not only address the immediate talent challenges but also position your organisation for long-term success and sustainability. It’s time to shape a future where the retail sector thrives through the empowerment and engagement of every employee, especially the emerging Gen Z workforce.

A bit about us!

The WorkBuzz employee engagement platform helps HR teams to better engage deskless workers, who comprise 80% of the global workforce. Deskless employees, such as your organisation’s shop floor retail assistants, as well as those in other industries like hauliers and field engineers, often feel disconnected from their organisation, resulting in reduced performance and high levels of attrition and sick leave. The WorkBuzz platform uses employee listening tools and data-driven insights that inform people strategy, helping to elevate the employee experiences of the vital – but often sidelined – deskless majority. 

Learn more about WorkBuzz and how we’ve partnered with retail organisations similar to yours, including Bravissimo, Interflora, Belstaff, and many others, here.

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