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Weird Fish expands e-commerce operations

The group claimed that e-commerce sales have increased a further 354% in 2021

Lifestyle clothing brand Weird Fish has announced a shift in its sales channels to expand its online operations, following an 84% year-on-year growth to its e-commerce sales in 2020.

The group also claimed that e-commerce sales have increased a further 354% year-on-year so far in 2021, with overall sales lifting by 108% for Q1 2021 despite stores being closed.

In turn, Weird Fish is aiming to extend its digital investment and focused development of its destination stores in the coming year.

Ben Mercier, customer director at Weird Fish, said: “We recognised the need to be agile throughout lockdown and continually adapt in line with changing market conditions, so decided to heavily invest in our digital channels and marketing throughout 2020. 

“A key element was developing a deeper understanding of our customers and their buying habits, so we committed to various new initiatives to help give us accurate insights and shape our marketing decisions.”

As part of the digital investment, the clothing retailer has added Exponea as a customer management platform, increasing the firm’s data-led capabilities.

Moreover, Weird Fish has introduced online orders at its onsite shops, while also using digital technology across the entire business.

John Stockton, managing director at the company, said that the digital progression was “turbo-charged during lockdown”, adding that the group “expects[s] that growth to continue” in 2021.

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