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Schuh closes online operations

Schuh has announced that it has taken the steps to close its website as the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold.

The shoe retailer said it had taken the step to shut down its online operations as it takes time to “understand the latest government guidelines”.

The Scottish-based retailer said that a number of its staff want to continue working within the warehouse, but management will close both its website and stores until there is an update from the UK and Scottish governments.

In a statement released today (26 March), the retailer said: “We want to keep our team, customers and community safe.

“We have taken action to close our website as well as our stores whilst we work to understand the latest government guidelines.”

It added: “We’ll continue to monitor the situation day-by-day and keep you updated via our social channels.

“We remain active on our social channels @schuh to give you inspiration, escapism and sneaker loveliness.”

Schuh chief exec Colin Temple told The Scotsman: “At this point in time, the UK government guidelines include that online retail should ‘still open’ and ‘is encouraged’ along with advice that if staff cannot reasonably work from home, they should continue to go into work.

“However, with the Schuh head office and DC operations based in Scotland and Scottish Government advice conflicting with UK government advice, Schuh management have made the decision to close their website, in addition to their stores that already closed from the evening of Sunday 22 March.”

He added: “A number of DC staff continue to indicate that they want to work within the warehouse to support the Schuh online business, along with other departmental employees offering their support also. 

“However, Schuh management have confirmed that the website and stores will remain closed until there is updated UK and Scottish government advice.”

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