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Amazon and Not on the High Street condemned by MPs for mis-selling faux fur

Online retailers Amazon and Not on the High Street have been told they must do more to stop the sale of faur fur items which actually contain real fur.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRAC) launched an investigation in February, looking into UK retailers regarding the mis-selling of real fur products either knowingly or otherwise.

In a committee meeting held on 18 April, Lesley Smith, director public policy, UK and Ireland, Amazon and Kate Burns, general counsel, Not on the High Street faced MPs in a discussion about the need for improved labelling.

Not on the High Street has said it will suspend the sale of faux fur products while Amazon it had barred 30,000 fur products since it implemented a no fur policy in 2014.

Committee chairman Neil Parish said those in the retail trade needed to be “more vigorous” because of cheap vendors, particularly those exporting from China.

He also asked if the companies had enough people to check the products being sold by the retailers and said he wasn’t convinced the retailers were “taking the issue seriously”.

Parish said: “Any customer should be able to have confidence that there are adequate safeguards ensuring that products are as advertised.”

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