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Most Brits would use smartphones as shopping tools for augmented reality

The majority of Brits were found to be willing to use their own smartphones for augmented reality (AR) to better visualise items before buying online, a study has found.

Mindshare analysis, conducted on behalf of UK online retail marketplace OnBuy, surveyed 1,000 UK smartphone users focusing on finding the preference for AR between smartphones and smart glasses. It revealed 71% of Brits would use augmented reality in their own smartphones as a shopping tool for assistance in visualising desired items.

The study also found 87% Brits would like to experience augmented reality effects using their smartphones in their social media communication such as face filters and gifs, leaving 13% of Brits preferring to use smart glasses for the same activity.

The study showed 82% of consumers preferred their own smartphones rather than smart glasses (18%) when using connected packaging. Similarly, Brits opted for smartphones (78%) over smart glasses (22%) when using AR and when visualising instructions to carry out activities or DIY (67% over 33%).

Managing director of, Cas Paton, said: “With established brands in several industries already incorporating augmented reality capabilities within their applications, it is ushering in a fascinating new era of immersive technology. An era where the digital and physical world is effortlessly blended by the technologies which underpin AR to create deeper interactions and experiences for consumers.

“This research certainly shows that Brits are receptive and excited by the different types of experiences created by AR, though their current preference to enjoy them seems to be through smartphones rather than smart glasses.

“Though as smart glasses become more prominent and their adoption rate increases, the gap between the two devices for AR related activities will surely get narrower.”

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