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Co-op partners with Deliveroo to trial food delivery service

Co-op has teamed up with online food delivery service Deliveroo to trial a new service for its customers.

The convenience brand is hoping to look at new channels to attract customers and to identify new opportunities to widen access to Co-op products.

The partnership is a response to the growing demand among consumers for the delivery of food products and an opportunity for the brand to test consumer reaction.

The trial will be taking place at five stores in the Greater Manchester area, including: Corporation Street (Manchester City Centre), Vimto Gardens (Salford), Wilbraham Road (Chorlton), Heald Green (Cheadle) and West Didsbury (Didsbury).

Party packs, beers, wines and spirits as well as snacks and confectionery are available via Deliveroo’s website.

A spokesperson for the Co-op said: “We are a leading convenience retailer and have launched an exciting partnership with Deliveroo to make access to our products and services even easier for consumers.

“This small trial will focus on beers, wines and spirits as well as snacks and confectionery and will be limited to the Greater Manchester area.”

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