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Nectar points given with Argos purchases for first time

Sainsbury’s has revealed that Nectar points will now be offered with Argos purchases for the first time ever.

The supermarket chain, which acquired Argos in 2016, confirmed that Nectar card members will be able to earn points from purchasing Argos products and points will be doubled between 18 September and 26 September.

Customers can collect points with purchases online by linking their Nectar accounts with the Argos app.

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Recently, Sainsburys launched ‘The Great Big Fruit and Veg Challenge’ which allowed its customers’ Nectar points balance to go further on purchases of fruit and vegetables as a means of encouraging healthy eating.

Jane Moir, Nectar’s managing director, said: ‘‘We’re constantly looking for new ways to reward our customers, so we are very excited to offer a new way for shoppers to get the most out of their Nectar points with one of the nation’s most loved brands.

‘‘The Nectar app is a one stop virtual shop to make points work harder and we hope that with this new offer, our customers can kick start their early Christmas shopping and get more from their purchases at Argos.’’

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