Today’s news in brief-19/3/24

Castore has secured the Umbro Pro Team Sports licence. This strategic move positions Castore as an exclusive marketer of Umbro products in several European countries, including the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. Through this partnership, Castore aims to capitalise on Umbro’s heritage and authenticity in football culture, targeting a new generation of fans. By leveraging its innovative digital platform and supply chain, Castore seeks to establish itself as a multi-brand player in the global sportswear market, while respecting the tribal nature of fandom.

DFS revised its profit guidance despite posting a slight increase in underlying pre-tax profit, DFS experienced a significant decline in revenue, attributed to weakened market demand. The company warns of potential risks stemming from geopolitical tensions in the Red Sea region, highlighting the uncertainties faced by businesses operating in volatile environments. Nevertheless, DFS remains optimistic about its long-term growth strategy, emphasising resilience and adaptability in navigating turbulent market conditions.

Primark has embarked on an innovative anti-theft measure to combat retail crime and stock loss. By sealing paper carrier bags with “sold” stickers at checkout, Primark aims to deter shoplifting and enhance security in its stores. This initiative reflects a broader industry trend towards prioritising safety and security amidst rising incidents of violence and abuse towards retail workers. Primark’s proactive approach underscores the importance of implementing robust security measures to safeguard merchandise and protect staff.

Ikea has announced price reductions on hundreds of popular items ahead of the Easter holidays. This initiative aims to make home furnishings more affordable for customers, particularly amidst challenging economic conditions. By passing on savings to customers, Ikea reinforces its commitment to providing value for money and enhancing affordability in home furnishing solutions. The price reductions cover various categories, including living room and bedroom furniture, reflecting Ikea’s dedication to meeting customer needs and preferences.


Wickes has reported robust trading performance and announced its acquisition of a majority stake in Solar Fast, a move aimed at expanding its presence in the home energy solutions market. Despite a slight decrease in revenues, Wickes saw a significant increase in TradePro sales, indicating strong performance in its core business operations. The acquisition of Solar Fast aligns with Wickes’ strategy to diversify its offerings and tap into the growing demand for sustainable home solutions, positioning the company for future growth and expansion.

Asda has introduced new staff benefits and raised pay rates for its employees, demonstrating its commitment to supporting its workforce and enhancing employee welfare. By launching benefits such as Care Concierge and Mortgage Advice Bureau, Asda aims to provide comprehensive support for its staff’s health, wellbeing, and financial stability. The increase in hourly pay rates further solidifies Asda’s position as the highest-paying traditional supermarket in the UK, reflecting its dedication to recognizing and rewarding its employees’ contributions.

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