Supermarkets urged to set targets on plant-based food sales, says TFF

This shift in protein sales will be ‘vital’ if the UK is to shift to a net zero carbon economy and hit targets for ‘drastically’ reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The Food Foundation (TFF) has announced the urgency with which food businesses need to start transparently reporting on plant-based foods.

The Planting Up Progress report revealed only two major supermarkets report on animal versus plant-based protein sales.

According to TFF, investors and the government need to demand “accurate and regular reporting” to ensure progress is mapped year on year.

TFF said only one supermarket has targets to increase sales of plant-based proteins, with none having targets to shift sales away from animal sources of protein.

This change in protein sales will be vital if the UK is to shift to a net zero carbon economy and hit targets for drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In response to these findings, TFF has issued a series of recommendations to government, businesses and investors to “forge a consensus” on metrics and reporting mechanisms that allows the food industry to make progress in transitioning to sustainable and healthy diets.

Anna Taylor, executive director of The Food Foundation, said: “Our food system is in crisis, and is in desperate need of change to ensure that the industry is doing its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work towards the UK’s net zero targets.

“We need all food businesses to start setting targets that evidence the transition of their businesses to healthier and more sustainable food sales. That is why we need the government and investors to help drive this change towards regular and accurate reporting, to help food businesses and retailers shift to healthier, more sustainable practices.”

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