Sainsbury’s expands Deliveroo partnership

In total, Sainsbury’s has said 100 stores aim to provide the service - including locations in Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Aberdeen and York

Deliveroo has expanded its partnership with Sainsbury’s with a new two year contract, which will allow customers to order grocery goods via the food delivery app. 

The trial was initially launched in 10 stores last November, however a further 22 stores in London will be added to the offering. 

In total, Sainsbury’s has said 100 stores aim to provide the service – including locations in Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Aberdeen and York. 

Since its launch last winter, the grocer has revealed that Skimmed Milk, Eggs and Avocados, have been amongst the most popular items ordered.  

Nigel Blunt, director of e-commerce at Sainsbury’s said that working with Deliveroo has helped the group offer “home grocery deliveries to even more customers” and bring them a “super-fast service when they need something in a hurry”. 

He said: “We know how much Sainsbury’s customers value being able to shop for food as quickly and conveniently as possible and we’re delighted to be able to expand this service further.”

Eric French, chief marketplace officer at Deliveroo added: “Deliveroo’s on-demand grocery partnerships have proven vital for so many people during the pandemic, allowing families to get the food and household items they need and want quickly. 

“We are excited to continue expanding this partnership in the weeks ahead and offer Sainsbury’s amazing products to even more customers across the UK.”

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