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Gymshark launches its first physical retail store in Covent Garden

Gymshark London has announced the opening of its first ever retail store in Covent Garden

The activewear brand’s first bricks-and-mortar store will be a pop-up open from 28 February to 29 March.

The store will feature Gymshark’s specialist gym clothing range, alongside in-store fitness classes.

Gymshark said in a blog post: “For four weeks, we’re bringing our URL to IRL with our very first retail-focused store. Expect to find the shop refreshed with new releases every week…  and you can bet that you’ll get the first glimpse right here at Gymshark Central.”

The store opening and entry is free, but registration is required for any of the fitness classes.

In 2018 Gymshark recorded profits of £17.6m compared with £8m in 2017, according to reports on Companies House.

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