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Clothing retailers ban mohair following PETA investigation

Clothing retailers Arcadia Group, H&M and Inditex have banned the use of mohair in their products following a PETA investigation that found workers in farms mutilating and slowly killing goats.

The animal charity believes that events at the farms are “violations” of South Africa’s Animal Protection Act, 1962.

Yvonne Taylor, director of corporate projects at PETA said: “Baby goats were left screaming in pain and fear on the shearing floor, all for mohair jumpers and scarves. PETA is urging shoppers to check clothing labels carefully, and if an item says it contains mohair, leave it on the rack.”

PETA Asia visited 12 different farms in South Africa that make up more than 50% of the world’s mohair supply.

In a statement, an Arcadia Group spokesperson said: “Arcadia Group will no longer purchase mohair for any of its eight brands, which include Topshop and Miss Selfridge, and Gap Inc.

“Arcadia will no longer obtain mohair products for Gap and its other brands. Inditex’s seven apparel brands, which include Zara, and H&M Group’s eight brands will be mohair-free by 2020.”

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