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Usdaw calls for ‘proper’ staff representation amid M&S store closures threat

Shopworkers’ trade union Usdaw has renewed its call for recognition as the union for M&S staff, after the company’s chairman “refused to rule out further store closures and job losses”.        

The group urged M&S management to abandon its “long-held resistance” to allowing Usdaw to represent the staff, and said “it is simply unjust” that the company have made the decision to not engage with a trade union.

Archie Norman told shareholders yesterday that “this business is on a burning platform”, and went on to add that he felt the company’s vast portfolio of stores had become a “drag” on its development.

Usdaw national officer Dave Gill said M&S management are not treating their staff with the “dignity and respect they deserve”. He added there is a “clear breakdown” in communications, and staff are not being “properly consulted” on the future of their jobs.

Gills added: “This remark at the AGM only makes matters worse, this is no way to treat staff. Usdaw has thousands of members working for Marks & Spencer and the staff now need, more than ever, the representation and support of an independent trade union. The staff are telling us they want Usdaw to represent them, it should be their choice.”

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