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UK millennials put off by ‘difficult returns’

Research by returns management company ReBOUND has found that 59% of millennial shoppers stop shopping with online retailers which have difficult or unclear return processes.

With ReBOUND’s findings suggesting that 42% of British shoppers return goods more now than two years ago, 35% of those asked in the survey claimed retailers made it harder for them.

Some 50% of those asked also felt that retailers didn’t invest enough in their return policies.

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The company said the findings demonstrated a “need for retailers to focus on improving their returns experience, offering greater choice and streamlining the process from end to end”.

ReBOUND added: “With millennial shoppers spending upwards of £164bn per year in the UK alone the opportunity is huge.”

Graham Best, CEO, said: “It’s clear that the role of returns in the shopping journey has never been more important, particularly for millennial consumers, yet retailers continue to ignore it. It’s essential that retailers take a long look at their services and iron out their customers’ returns pain points.

“Some elements like better communication are easily fixed but to really turn the dial, retailers need to give their returns lifecycle a full review and make it a boardroom priority.”

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