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Pure London puts spotlight on Valencian footwear

Pure London, the UK’s leading trade fashion buying event toke place in Olympia London from the 17th – 19th July and joined forces with The Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and AVECAL to showcase eight Valencian footwear brands including Mercredy, Brenda Zaro, Chie Mihara, Lola Cruz, Magrit, Slowwalk, Wonders, and Pedro Miralles

Ariadna Vilalta on behalf of IVACE said: “Spanish footwear brands from the Valencia region are prestigious and recognised worldwide for their craftmanship, natural materials, quality, and generations of artisan-makers. There is an amazing connection between Spain and UK countries, and the Spanish footwear offer is well-known for its high quality, great design and comfort.

“Back to ‘normal’ life, with weddings, parties, awareness about environment issues, shoe designers and manufacturers in Spain have an excellent offer for UK market. Footwear in Spain is handcrafted using circular economy, which offers the perfect combination for the consumers. The brands presenting at Pure London have been selected for their relevance to the UK and international market with the objective of providing visibility and notoriety to the footwear collections from this region. We are excited to be partnering with Pure London in the most vibrant fashion capital of the world.”

Chie Mihara’s goal in designing footwear is to create styles that are feminine, fun, and truly comfortable. Every shoe features an anatomical footbed that Chie designed specifically to accommodate a woman’s foot. She draws on facets of her multicultural background when creating her collections: Brazil shows the feminine side; Japan influences her design techniques; the U.S. contributes practicality and comfort; and Spain is the source for the high quality of shoemaking. Chie wants women to connect to her shoes visually and emotionally, while she takes care of the practical side with careful attention to comfort and craftsmanship.

Drawing on vintage influences ranging from 1930s femininity to 1980s energy, Chie began taking details from the past and reworking them to reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion. Nowadays, Chie Mihara has over 800 clients worldwide, including luxury department stores, the most avant-garde concept stores and the top fashion and shoes retailers.

Lola Cruz combines trend-led designs with the essence and values of her origins. Lola Cruz does not create footwear based on the needs of today’s woman but based on her desires. Creations that inspire authenticity, evolution, freedom, and femininity. Each of the designs are special and unique, all featuring a detail, such as a buckle, a rivet, or a heel in an exclusive material, that makes them different.

Pedro Miralles came into being with the aim of providing quality women’s footwear, handmade in Spain, with designs as carefully crafted as they are elegant. The brand’s manufacturing combines traditional techniques with innovative fabrication processes; in short, ‘Made In Spain slow fashion’. The unique designs and materials produce elegant, comfortable, and high-quality collections. Pedro Miralles preserves its identity every season, always following the latest trends but remaining true to its style and values.

Slowwalk is an urban brand aimed at consumers with a young spirit that demands quality, attractive and comfortable products to wear during their day. Adapting classic shoe designs to its own fresh and very natural style, Slowwalk offer a casual and sporty touch with a focus on the colour green – a fundamental part of Slowwalk’s soul as a way of unifying the different models in the collections and identifying the brand.

Wonders shoes are produced in its factories in Elche (Spain), a city with a great shoemaking tradition. The design team works to incorporate the latest technology and fashion trends into its collections, while offering comfort, pleasant leathers, and soft interiors. Lightweight soles with Wondersfly™ technology or memory gel inner soles are combined with rigorous workmanship and quality control. Sustainability is integrated into every decision made and at every stage of production, including water-based glues, soles made from recycled materials, sustainable leathers, recycled packaging and renewable energies.

Designed to help reduce the problem of plastic bottle pollution, Mercredy use bottles collected from the ocean to make the fabric for their ecological slippers and sneakers range. Using local Spanish factories, all highly committed to reduce the environmental impact of shoe production, Mercredy also use traditional techniques and handcrafted processes.

Established 30 years, ago, Brenda Zaro offers a wide range of women’s footwear styles for day to evening, made in factories in Elda. Its designs are created for comfort, made with the highest quality skins, and featuring full memory foam and anti-shock insoles and a flexi anti slip sole.

Magrit is a Spanish brand with a longstanding tradition in women’s shoemaking. Since 1929, quality has been its main goal – achieved with more than 100 expert hands that produce each pair of shoes. Magrit’s shoes are enjoyed by women in 5 continents.

Design and elegance given by luxury materials, quality in production and craftsmanship finishing result in women’s shoes that are distinguished and a pleasure to wear for hours.

July 2022 edition 

The return of Pure London post pandemic has been positive thanks to a great predisposition of the organisation to provide tools, help, visibility and support to the exhibiting brands.

With a vocation for continuity and consolidation, the organisation has been involved in getting as much information as possible to the press and buyers of the visiting firms.

Buyers still sensitive to price, buyers who value quality, buyers looking for sustainable proposals. These are the main characteristics of the visitor.

Scoop, where Chie Mihara participated with his own stand, has had profitable views and recovery of contacts that had been lost over time.

It seems that distance has served to bring people, brands and contacts together. Supply with demand. Media and brands.

It is also evident the reduction of retailers after months and months of Covid and restrictions on consumption and leisure.

Fairs short, agile, versatile, accessible… a mix that seems to return with a recycled formula that will allow online and offline retailers to find an offer, that brands approach the consumer, brands that, like the firms of the Valencia region, offer quality and trend at competitive prices and with proximity production.

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