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Sainsbury’s launches biggest ever Christmas recruitment drive

The retailer will hire 22,000 seasonal jobs across it’s UK stores this Christmas

Sainsbury’s has announced it will hire 22,000 seasonal jobs across the UK this Christmas, it’s largest ever seasonal recruitment drive. 

It said there will be 14,500 Sainsbury’s and Argos roles available in stores, including 500 customer and Trading manager positions, 3,000 online delivery driver positions on offer as well as 4,500 warehouse and logistics openings which include agencies and third parties. 

There are also 180 contact centre roles. 

Jobs will be available across the country from 1st October, four weeks earlier than 2020. 

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s is also introducing a new incentive payment to recruit more Argos and groceries online delivery drivers for the festive season; both new and existing drivers could earn up to an additional £500 for fulfilling shifts over the Christmas period. 

Paul Scully, business minister, said: “These 22,000 jobs being created across the country mean more opportunities for workers and even better service for customers – enough to give Father Christmas some serious competition.”

Clo Moriarty, Sainsbury’s retail and digital director, said: “By recruiting 22,000 temporary Sainsbury’s and Argos colleagues on an attractive pay package, incentivising Online drivers and offering additional hours to existing colleagues over the festive season, we will deliver what our customers want – great food and fantastic service. 

“Christmas is a fun time to work in retail for anyone who enjoys helping customers and thrives on working in an inclusive team environment.  If that’s what motivates you, we’re ready to welcome you to Sainsbury’s.”

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