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Mulberry launches sustainability manifesto

The manifesto focuses on six key actions for change, pioneering a local, transparent ‘farm to finished product’ supply chain model

Luxury fashion house Mulberry has launched a new sustainability manifesto, which outlines the company’s “ambitious commitments” to transform the business to a “regenerative and circular model”, encompassing the entire supply chain by 2030.

The launch of the “Mulberry Made to Last” manifesto marks the group’s 50 anniversary year as a British luxury brand.

The manifesto focuses on six key actions for change, pioneering a local, transparent “farm to finished product” supply chain model.

Furthermore, the retailer will aim to develop the world’s lowest carbon leather sourced from a network of organic and environmentally conscious farms and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Additionally, the group said it will continue to extend the life of Mulberry products through a repair and restoration and buy back, resell or repurpose scheme. Finally, the manifesto revealed plans to extend the retailers commitment to being a “real Living Wage employer” by working with its network of suppliers to achieve the same

Thierry Andretta, CEO, Mulberry, said: “At Mulberry we have already taken significant action to embed sustainability across our business, but today we offer our commitment to a programme of transformative change, embedding principles of regeneration and circularity across our entire supply chain.

“We are committed to creating a local, transparent ‘farm to finished product’ sourcing model and whilst we are at the beginning of this transition, I am immensely proud of my colleagues and the work done to launch the Made to Last Manifesto.”

He added: “We look forward to the challenges ahead.”

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