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Over 600 JD employees to protest against break reductions

Over 600 employees at footwear retailer JD Sports have signed up to a grievance against the company’s proposals to reduce the number of breaks in 12 hours shifts at its distribution centre in Rochdale.

The number of breaks during a typical 12-hour night shift has reduced from three to two, although the overall time provided for breaks has remained the same.

Mike Aylward, divisional officer, Usdaw, said: “More and more companies are treating their workers like disposable assets with little or no consultation with staff when making changes to work patterns. In this case JD want people to work from 6pm at night until 6am in the morning with just two breaks.”

“People are in genuine fear for their safety as they’re forced to work through crushing fatigue and sadly, recently arrived migrant workers are often on the receiving end of this treatment. Usdaw believes such exploitative employment practices belong in 1819 not 2019.”

JD Sports has been contacted for comment

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