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Boohoo appoints Leveson to oversee business practices

Boohoo has announced the launch of a new ‘Agenda for Change’ programme, in a bid to “deliver long-lasting and meaningful change” to its supply chain and its business practices. 

The group has appointed Sir Brian Leveson PC to provide independent oversight over the programme. 

Leveson will report directly to the board and his reports will be published, bringing “both transparency and further independence to the process”. 

He has also appointed both legal and independent enquiry and enforcement specialists to supplement the programme and “ensure that everyone associated with the group’s supply chain is treated fully in accordance with the law and the principles of ethical trading”.

Boohoo has also appointed KPMG to assist with the programme. The Big Four firm will work alongside Boohoo’s responsible sourcing and compliance team, and existing supply chain auditors Bureau Veritas and Verisio.

It comes as the group said that “significant steps” have been taken to put in place the platform that will facilitate delivery of the programme. 

Executive chairman Mahmud Kamani said: “I am encouraged by the progress that has been made to date by our teams since setting out our Agenda for Change programme in September. 

“Myself and the board are fully committed to this programme, with the appointments of Sir Brian Leveson and KPMG bringing independent oversight, additional expertise and further transparency to a programme that will help us on our journey to lead the fashion e-commerce market globally in a transparent manner.”

Sir Brian Leveson PC added: “Boohoo has recognised that it must institute and embed change so that everyone involved in the group’s supply chain is treated fully in accordance with the law and the principles of ethical trading.  

“I look forward to providing independent oversight of the Agenda for Change programme and to working with the boohoo team, KPMG and the other independent experts to achieve this, while, at the same time, providing publicly available progress reports.”

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