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Inditex to merge Zara with Zara Home

Inditex is to merge Zara and Zara Home, despite growing the Zara Home brand since 2003.

Integration plans have already been implemented in some locations, including St Petersburg, London and Madrid while the brands’ websites will continue to trade separately. For the meantime Zara Home will continue to trade as normal from 603 stores, whilst introducing homeware goods to its Zara stores.

Inditex chairman Pablo Isla said: “The long-term goal is to consider Zara Home as a fourth section of Zara. The goal is to leverage operational and brand management of the store and online platform in a combined manner.”

The move comes following a positive trading update yesterday (14 March 2019) , which included the financial performance of Zara Home for the first time. Inditex said it saw like-for-like sales rise by 4% for the year ending 31 January 2019, while its online sales grew by 27% across the same period.

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