Sainsbury’s introduces food bank ‘priority item’ labels

Sainsbury’s has announced it will introduce new food bank “priority item” labels for its products following a successful trial in Exeter.

The labels aim to inform customers of what their local food banks need, customers will then be able to make donations in an area behind the checkouts. The new labels are part of a new joint campaign between Argos and Sainsbury’s to help those in need around the Christmas period.

Argos customers will donate toys as part of the campaign until 16 December, however Sainsbury’s says it will keep the labels in its stores indefinitely. The “priority” products include tinned meat, tinned vegetables, pasta and rice. The idea was introduced to Sainsbury’s by a group of students from Exeter who came up with the labels after noticing that customers were seeing the food bank donation bins too late.

Claudine Blamey, Sainsbury’s head of corporate responsibility and sustainability, said:”We’re excited to be working together as a group to expand Sainsbury’s food donation programme and to launch Argos’ toy donation programme.

“We are committed to making a positive difference in local communities and we hope our customers get on board to help brighten the lives of those less fortunate in the community.”

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