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Half of British small retailers ‘love’ their job

Half of small UK retailers said that they “love” their job according to new research, the highest out of nine other sectors polled and four times higher than the national average of 12%.

The research by Yougov accessed a sample of over 1,000 senior managers in the retail sector, working at organisations with fewer than 20 staff, using a tool which used collated data to reveal their sentiment towards their profession.

Percentage of small business managers/owners people who “love” their job across different sectors:

Retail – 49%
Hospitality – 46%
Media / Marketing – 40%
Financial services – 34%
IT – 28%
Manufacturing – 26%
Real estate – 24%
Accountancy – 24%
Construction – 20%
Legal – 19%

As many as 39% of small retail business managers also said that if money were no object they wouldn’t consider changing careers, with the national average at 14%. In addition, 40% said they were not in the market for a new job in the next year, compared to just 19% among the wider public.

Alice Mayor, founder of Carnaby Street-based souvenir and art store We Built This City, said: “Opening a store that supports London’s creative community, and which allows us to sell curated London-inspired goods to thousands of people that visit this amazing city every year, gives me immense job satisfaction.

“Don’t get me wrong: running an independent retail business is far from easy, but there aren’t many sectors in which I’d be able to embrace my passion for supporting the arts as strongly as I do at We Built This City.”

She added: “Feedback we get from the customers who shop with us and the artists we support is overwhelmingly positive, and that gives a huge boost not just to me as the owner of the business, but also to my whole team.”

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