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Boden reports strong sales increase of 13%

Lifestyle retailer Boden has reported a 13% rise in sales for the year ending December 2017 due to an increase in overseas customers.

This increase in sales accounted for £347.1m growth.The company also saw its pre-tax profit rise to £27.3m from £26.2m; an increase of 4%.

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Boden attributed its strong performance to its womenswear range as well as its concessions in John Lewis. It also saw its overseas customers increase by 14%.

Chief executive, Jill Easterbrook, said: “We made strong progress last year and were delighted with the results achieved; 2017 saw a year of considerable investment and this will continue for the next few years. The investment programme will provide us with a solid platform as we build Boden into an international multichannel retailer.

“We have been targeting key strategic areas of investment, skills, market knowledge and people needed to continue Boden’s international growth in the coming years. The organisational restructuring within the business will enable us to be even more customer focussed and market driven, whilst at the same time maintaining our strong Boden brand.”

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