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Intu Chapelfield shopping centre gives shoppers space-hoppers

Intu Chapelfield in Norwich is trialing the use of space-hoppers for visitors this week as it hopes to encourage more footfall.

The ‘Happy S-hopping’ initiative aims to appeal to shoppers’ childish side, with research by Intu showing that 63% of adults still get the same thrill from playing childhood games that they did when they were younger.

Research also found that less than half of parents play with their children on a regular basis, leading to the shopping centre deciding to make itself more appealing as a ‘family day out’. The shopping centre has already introduced a series of family touch-screen games on its lower level to make the centre more child-friendly.

Sheridan Smith, marketing manager at Intu Chapelfield, said: “There is still a big kid in all of us and our new family club is designed to give parents time to play with their children when they’re on a family day out.

“We work really hard to create experiences that will put a smile on the faces of our shoppers, and by giving families a chance to shop, hop and play, we hope we will make the experience a happier, more memorable one.”

The space hopper trial ends on Friday 1 June.

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