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Clas Ohlson To Sell Fresh Bottled ‘Swedish Air’

To mark the brand’s 100th year birthday, homeware brand Clas Ohlson announces has today announced that it is launching going to sell bottled Swedish Air, a take away container of pure, Swedish air for British consumers to enjoy.

Clas Ohlson has been synonymous with Swedish culture since its opening in 1918 and now the homeware brand wants to bring a taste of its home country to its UK consumers.

Featuring a classically Swedish design, the product will be bottled in the areas surrounding Insjön, Clas Ohlson’s founding town. Situated next to the serene Österdalälven lake, Insjön is an area full of natural beauty and open green spaces.

At 150ml per container, the stylish design encompasses the Swedish Lagom culture of not too much and not too little. Once purchased, consumers will open their bottles of Swedish Air in their home or work place and enjoy a breath of Swedish air for themselves.

The bottles will be shipped to the UK Clas Ohlson stores in Kingston-upon-Thames, Reading, St Albans, Manchester, Liverpool and Croydon.

Director of design, Flora Lopias, said, “Swedish culture and design is increasingly popular across the world, in areas from homeware to technology to diet and lifestyle. Now, British customers will even be able to breathe like a Swede.”

Clas Ohlson is Sweden’s favourite home and hardware brand. Originating in Insjön, Sweden, Clas Ohlson now operates across five countries. The Clas Ohlson range covers over 10,000 products across five categories (Home, Electrical, Multimedia, Hardware, Leisure), all under the one roof – and in convenient locations on the high street, as well as online.

Clas Ohlson’s Swedish Air will go on sale on Sunday, 1 April at a RRP of £01.04.

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