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Amazon plans six more Amazon Go stores this year

Rumours are swarming that online retail giant Amazon has plans to open as many as six more of its cashierless ‘Amazon Go’ stores in the US this year.

The news was first revealed by technology website Recode, which said “multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans” suggested more cashierless stores are likely to open in Seattle and Los Angeles.

It is thought the firm is eyeing three locations in Seattle, where the retailer’s main headquarters and the inaugural Amazon Go store are located.

The fourth rumoured location is in Grove shopping centre in Los Angeles with reports suggesting Amazon are already in talks with the centres owner Rick Caruso.

It is not yet clear where the two other potential locations could be, but the UK is also thought to be a possibility. The UK Intellectual Property Office approved a trademark for Amazon Go’s slogan ‘No Lines. No Checkout (No Seriously)’, in May last year.

Both Amazon and Rick Caruso are yet to comment on the rumours, which come only a month after the first Amazon Go store was launched.

The checkout-less store features ceiling-mounted cameras and electronic sensors which identify each customer and track the items they select. All purchases are then billed to customers’ credit cards when they leave the store.

Upon entering the 1,800 sq ft premises customers swipe their smartphones equipped with the Amazon Go app through electronic gates. They are then free to put any goods they wish to purchase straight into their carrier bags.

All items are scanned as they are picked up from the shelves and are automatically deleted from the customer’s account if they are put back.

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