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ASOS and Anti-Slavery International sign new partnership

Anti-Slavery International and Asos will work together to develop new solutions and advise on ‘critical areas of risk’.

Asos has signed a new three-year partnership with Anti-Slavery International to support the company in delivering its Fashion with Integrity 2030 programme.

Anti-Slavery International has been a partner with Asos since 2017, providing advice, guidance and critique on ethical trade and tackling modern slavery.

Under the new agreement, Anti-Slavery International will advise Asos on the development of the next phase of its modern slavery strategy. Asos said this will form a “core part” of its forthcoming human rights strategy, due to be announced by the end of next year as part of its 2030 programme for Fashion with Integrity.

Leading up to 2025, Anti-Slavery International is reportedly making a priortity to ensure people have rights to “decent” work and companies are obliged to take “meaningful” action to eliminate slavery in supply chains. It will also focus on strengthening access to remedy and justice for workers.

Anti-Slavery International and Asos’ partnership over the next three years will reportedly “underpin” these objectives, and they will work together to develop new solutions to address these challenges within its supply chain and advise on “critical areas of risk”.

Simon Platts, Responsible Sourcing director at Asos, said: “Our new, three-year partnership with Anti-Slavery International builds on the solid foundation of collaboration and ‘critical friendship’ that we’ve established in our work together since 2017.

“With dedicated resources and the opportunity to work together to drive change at scale, this new agreement takes things to the next level.”

Jasmine O’Connor, CEO of Anti-Slavery International, added: “Our ‘critical friendship’ with Asos means that we can continue our work together to push for a fairer, more sustainable fashion industry that no longer relies on forced labour.

“We know that the fashion industry has a huge impact on people and the planet, and we are looking forward to working with Asos for much-needed industry wide change.”

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