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Gap acquires ecommerce startup Drapr

The group will utilise Drapr’s technology for its customers in a move aimed at boosting its digital transformation

Gap Inc. has acquired Drapr, an ecommerce startup and online application based on technology that enables customers to quickly create 3D avatars and virtually try on clothing.

The group said it will utilise the technology for its customers in a move aimed at boosting its digital transformation. 

Drapr was founded by David Pastewka, Will Drevno and Richard Berwick, who have collaborated on 3D technology for over a decade with early support from Boost VC and Berkeley SkyDeck.

The deal was brokered by Gap’s strategic growth office led by Sally Gilligan, a unit of the company “charged with thinking beyond its core business in order to meet the consumer and industry demands of the future”. 

Gilligan, chief growth transformation officer at Gap, said: “Through their advanced 3D technology, Drapr has shown it can help shoppers efficiently find the size and fit they need. 

“We plan to leverage Drapr to help Gap Inc. improve the fit experience for our customers and accelerate our ongoing digital transformation.”

Dadvid Pastewka,Drapr co-founder and CEO, added: “Most people either don’t know their exact measurements or are looking for a specific type of fit that numbers alone can’t tell them. Drapr has proven effective and we are excited about the impact we can have on customers at scale as part of the Gap Inc. family.”

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