Tesco donates £250k to LGBTQ+ charities

The supermarket chain will make donations of £80,000 to three different LGBTQ+ charities

Tesco has said it will donate almost £250,000 to LGBTQ+ charities to celebrate Pride and support the LGBTQ+ community.

Tesco will make donations of £80,000 to three different LGBTQ+ charities, including The Albert Kennedy Trust (akt) which helps young LGBTQ+ people who are homeless or living in hostile conditions. 

The organisation, Bi Pride UK, which creates spaces for people who experience “attraction beyond gender” will also receive a donation. 

In addition, Terrence Higgins Trust – the UK’s “leading” HIV and sexual health charity supporting people living with HIV – has also been awarded an £80k donation. 

Andrew Yaxley, CEO booker and executive sponsor of LGBTQ+ at Tesco, said: “We’re delighted that we’re able to help three fantastic charities again this year – who provide such valuable support to the LGBTQ+ community – as we continue working towards a safer, equal future.”

Ian Green, chief executive at Terrence Higgins Trust, added: “Tesco’s support will make a huge difference to Terrence Higgins Trust’s life-changing work, including by helping to answer more than 5,200 calls to the charity’s THT Direct helpline – a vital support and information service on HIV and sexual health for over 20,000 people each year.”

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