Frasers Group eyes Hugo Boss takeover

According to The Daily Telegraph, Mike Ashley’s retail empire is ‘eyeing’ a potential takeover after increasing its shares in the premium fashion brand earlier this year

Frasers Group is reportedly considering a potential takeover of Hugo Boss, according to a recent report from The Daily Telegraph.

Shares in the premium fashion brand have increased by nearly 7% in Frankfurt, valuing it at €3.2bn (£2.7bn) after the news that Mike Ashley’s retail empire may potentially takeover the company.

Recently, the group has been buying up more shares in Hugo Boss over the past few months and said it plans to be a “supportive shareholder” in the company.

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As of January 2021, Frasers Group owned a 15.2% stake in Hugo Boss thanks to a combination of stocks.

Currently, the group owns 3.6 million in common stocks, which represents 5.1% of the fashion retailer’s total share capital.

Furthermore, Frasers Group owns 3.3 million shares via contracts for difference, representing 4.8% of Hugo Boss’ shares, and 3.7 million shares from the sale of put options, representing 5.3% of the company’s share capital.

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