Ikea and Primark most searched for brands since reopening, study finds

It also found that Portsmouth residents were the most inclined ‘to get the economy going’, spending an average of £131.37 per transaction

Ikea and Primark have been the most searched for brands following restrictions being lifted in April, according to new data from Dojo which has revealed the UK’s spending habits. 

The UK payment provider analysed Google search volumes to reveal the most in-demand brands post-lockdown, and which activities Brits were looking forward to spending money on.

Despite IKEA shops being open for click and collect services during February and March 2021, the Swedish giant saw the biggest increase in interest between March and April – up 984% – just ahead of customers being allowed back into stores. 

Primark ranked second within the top five of the ‘most searched’, with a huge 854% increase in searches in March and preceded the queues outside the stores as it welcomed back those who hadn’t seen the retail store in over four months. 

Matalan came third in the most searched for retail stores, with an 826% increase between February and March 2021, thought to be boosted by its offers of back to school supplies, and homeware.


Rank Name of Store  Question  February 2021 searches March 2021 searches % increase in searches
1 IKEA When does IKEA open? 2,380 25,820 + 984%
2 Primark When does Primark open? 2,980 28,450 + 854%
3 Matalan When does Matalan open? 150 1,390 + 826%
4 Clarks When does Clarks open? 140 1000 +614%
5 Sports Direct When does Sports Direct open? 2,400 11,930 +397%
6 Homesense When does Homesense open? 120 490 +308%
7 JD Sports When does JD Sports open? 350 1,330 +280%
8 The Body Shop When does The Body Shop open? 30 110 +266%
9 Waterstones  When does Waterstones open? 210 720 +242%
10 TK Maxx When does TkMaxx open? 650 2,010 +209%


The study also analysed Dojo’s own data to find out how much was spent and which UK cities spent the most.

According to the data, Portsmouth residents were the most inclined “to get the economy going”, spending an average of £131.37 per transaction across a variety of amenities in clothing stores. 

Coventry came second, spending £116.47 per transaction, with Stockport coming third spending £106.82. 

Rank Location Average transaction spend between April 12th – April 29th 2021
1 Portsmouth £131.37
2 Coventry £116.47
3 Stockport £106.82
4 West London  £106.38
5 Guilford £93.54
6 Slough £91.81
7 Manchester  £91.76
8 Derby £85.99
9 South West London  £84.20
10 Blackburn  £80.65


The data also found that Brits “couldn’t wait” to get back to browsing charity stores. ‘When do charity shops open?’ had a 469% increase between February and March of this year.

Nail salons (+ 474% search increases), hairdressers (357%) and beauty parlours (107%) also saw large increases in searches when they reopened.

Finally, according to Dojo, some 57% of businesses stated that they feel their customers “appreciate small businesses more”, but 24% felt there had been no change. Adding to this, 70% chose to shop locally to support local businesses, whilst 62% state that they are closer to them and involve less travel.


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