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Hugo Boss appoints new director of Global Marketing

Miah Sullivan will serve in the role, effective from 1 May 2021

Hugo Boss has announced the appointment of Miah Sullivan as its new director of Global Marketing and Brand Communications.

Sullivan, who held a number of management positions at both Luxottica and Furla, will start her new role with the company from 1 May 2021.

Recently, Sullivan has served as the chief marketing officer and general manager for eCommerce at St. John Knits.

In a statement regarding Sullivan’s appointment, Hugo Boss said: “Miah Sullivan’s extensive proficiency in the digital transformation of marketing activities and her strong understanding of emotionalizing brands and products will be of vital importance for further enhancing the desirability of Boss and Hugo and ensuring a customer-centric execution in all marketing projects to come.”

This latest hire comes after Hugo Boss’ recent expansion of its online store to 12 additional markets, including South Korea, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Matthew Dean, director of Global e-Commerce at Hugo Boss, said: “The investments in our online business are paying off and our momentum keeps building. Now we are taking the next step by expanding the e-commerce network even further around the globe.

“In doing so, we are taking the changing shopping behavior of our customers into account, which is increasingly shifting towards online.”

He added: “We are firmly convinced that the gradual expansion of our online business will inspire even more customers worldwide with our brands.”

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