Aldi to invest £22m in London expansion 

The group now plans to open nine new stores in London this year, and recruit up to 300 new colleagues across all London stores

Aldi has announced it is set to invest more than £22m in new and upgraded stores across London and within the M25 this year, as part of plans to further expand the business in the area. 

The supermarket chain now plans to open nine new stores in the London area before the end of the year, including sites in Dalston, South Harrow, and Haringey. It is also extending its store in Feltham, and is on track to operate 100 stores inside the M25 by 2025. 

The group, which has already pledged to invest £1.3bn across the UK over the next two years, is set to open its 48th London store in Little Venice this week following the opening of Walton on Thames in January.

As part of the planned expansion, the group has also launched a new recruitment drive, with plans to recruit up to 300 new colleagues across all London stores.

Store assistants at Aldi currently earn an “industry-leading” minimum hourly rate of £11.07 an hour inside the M25, increasing to £11.32 after two years. These rates of pay are also boosted by the fact it is one of the only UK supermarkets to pay for breaks taken during shifts.

Ben Shotter, regional managing director at Aldi UK said: “Whilst we continue to expand throughout the UK, growing our market share in London is a key focus for us. Over the next four years we want to change the fact that some people in London don’t always have easy access to Aldi’s high-quality groceries at the lowest prices. 

“With shoppers increasingly looking to make sure they get unbeatable prices on their weekly shop without compromising on quality, our stores are becoming ever more popular. This investment in London stores will help make the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket more accessible to even more people.”

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