Asda prioritises deliveries to support 5,000 nurseries

The shift has been made to accommodate those providing essential childcare services during lockdown

Asda has announced that it will now be offering priority access to slots in order to support 5,000 nurseries which continue to provide essential childcare services during lockdown.

The supermarket chain has gifted its nursery customers with a ‘Priority Pass’, which will allow them to benefit from advance access to slots up to 21 days in advance and book a recurring grocery order every week.

Priority access for certain customers will be available until the end of summer 2021.

Furthermore, Asda also announced it will be extending its ‘Priority Pass’ offer for more than 400,000 Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) customers and 2,500 care homes.

Simon Gregg, VP of Online Grocery at Asda, said: “Nurseries provide a vital service to parents across the UK, including many Asda colleagues, who continue to benefit from their support under lockdown.

“By giving them priority access to slots it will enable them to receive regular grocery deliveries, which makes it possible for them to continue serving communities and carrying out their essential role.”

He added: “Since the start of the pandemic we have increased delivery capacity and accelerated our online expansion to meet levels we had anticipated reaching in eight years in a matter of months, and it is because of this that we are able to extend our support for our most vulnerable customers.

“We have supported CEV customers since shielding began and throughout the winter, and I am pleased that we are able to extend our ‘Priority Pass’ offer to give further peace of mind as the vaccine programme rolls out.”

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