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Hammerson CFO steps down

James Lenton informed the board of directors of his decision to leave the position

Hammerson has announced that James Lenton will step down as the company’s chief financial officer.

Lenton informed the shopping centre operator’s board of directors of his decision to leave the position earlier this week.

Despite departing Hammerson, Lenton will continue as the company’s CFO and as a non-executive director until a successor has been appointed.

Currently, Hammerson has flagship shopping centres in London, Croydon, Birmingham and Leiciseter, as well as outlets in six other countries.

Lenton said: “Following successful completion of the rights issue, VIA Outlets disposal and induction of the new Chair of the Board and CEO, I feel now is the right time to look for a new opportunity. I remain fully committed in the role until my successor is in place.”

Rita-Rose Gagné, the company’s chief executive officer, said: “James was instrumental in navigating and conducting the rights issue and VIA Outlets disposal.

“I am grateful for his support and commitment to continue until his successor joins. We wish him well for the future.”

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