An in-depth look at modern preferences of fashion consumers

The retail sector and fashion brands of all sizes must adapt to the reality that online retailing is becoming a preferred medium for many consumers today. Many people find it faster to select clothes online and have them shipped to their doorstep. However, selling fashion products online have some drawbacks. 

For instance, an in-store shopping experience lets customers examine the fit of an item of clothing. Clothing companies that wish to maximise their online presence should know where and why consumers go online for clothing and fashion.

How frequently are people buying online?

People are purchasing more items online, largely due to the convenience. All it takes to purchase is to click on an item and place it in a virtual shopping basket. Since shopping is reduced to a few clicks, instead of needing to drive or commute all the way to the store, people tend to buy a greater number of items more frequently.

Online retail news and research say that customers purchase over the internet every two to three months. It means brands practically have a throughline to customers, and they have opportunities to convert in-store shoppers into online ones.

What do shoppers look for in online stores?

Getting a good price is the biggest consideration for people when buying clothes online, as it is for making purchases in person. Product quality is equally important, as well as free delivery and easy return policies.

This wide range of answers shows that a typical shopper is not excessively loyal to any one brand. Nor are they online just for luxury or high-ticket purchases. They treat the online experience as they would the in-store kind.

Where do people get inspiration for outfits?

Some research shows that people make the trip to stores more for thinking about purchases instead of following through. People try it out in the store, think about it for a while, and purchase the item online. Furthermore, print is no longer the main source for ideas—many people get their inspiration on social media and through YouTube.

Since social media is a large sphere, there are plenty of options for retailers. They could partner with influencers, have sponsored posts or ads, and launch online promotions. What matters is finding the best channel and ambassadors for their brand.

Is online retail a passing fad?

Online retail looks like it is here to stay. The internet is a breeding ground for innovative and independent fashion retailers, which bring consumers new products and styles. To keep up with these developments, established brands will have to adapt and incorporate the online space into their in-store plans. Virtual reality stores, interactive displays, and augmented reality are areas for development in the next few years.


Increasingly, consumers will be looking to the internet for fashion inspiration and purchases. Social media and video sharing platforms are now more influential in the decision-making process, and retailers must find the middle ground that allows for complementary strategies for online retail and in-store journeys. What remains constant, though, is that people always appreciate a well-constructed outfit at an affordable price.

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