How to make It in men’s fashion

Menswear in e-commerce is a growing sector of the industry that’s set to boom in the upcoming decade. Already, it’s one of the fastest-growing niches on the Internet today in terms of both sales and market growth.

If you’re a part of the industry and want to capitalise on the opportunities this situation presents, this article will help you do just that. Below, we’ll highlight a few insights into the male shopper’s psyche and show you what you have to do to use this to your advantage.

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1. Know who your target man is

While this is true for practically any business, it’s especially important in men’s fashion and eCommerce since it’s still quite uncommon for men to do their shopping online. You need to somehow overcome the limitations of the Internet to deliver your brand’s message loud and clear, and you do this by knowing exactly who it is you’re trying to sell to.

Build a profile of who your target customer is and find out what his needs and wants are. Take into account what his buying patterns and decision-making processes are so that you can strategize accordingly.

2. Foster a sense of exclusivity

Men like their clubs. They like to feel like they’re part of an exclusive group that sets them apart from outsiders. This is true even in terms of fashion, and you need to develop a sense of distinction when it comes to the products you offer. How exactly would you go about achieving this? Simple: be an expert.

Men like to be in the presence of other great men who know what they’re doing. If you take on the role of this “great man” and act similarly, you’ll develop a following of loyal customers who trust your brand and feel confident about doing business with you.

3. Stick to the classics

While riding on currently popular trends is definitely a viable strategy for many clothing brands, focusing on classic designs is perhaps the safest way for you to cater to a primarily male demographic.

Most men who shop online do so because of the convenience and variety of options the activity provides. What this means is that most of your customers aren’t necessarily looking for fads, but are searching for a reliable source of quality apparel that they can depend on continually. Besides, if they really did care for the latest fashions, they’d probably be shopping in physical locations to find those.

4. Make it easy for women to shop

It’s estimated that a quarter of the total number of people who shop from online menswear brands are actually female. This isn’t surprising, especially when you consider that women are more likely to shop for their partners than men are.

Regardless, females represent an undoubtedly huge portion of your business, and you’ll be missing out on countless revenue potential if you don’t find a way to attract them to your brand. Make it easy for them to buy clothes from you by thinking about the challenges they might face when shopping for a different gender and then eliminating those hurdles.


Keep these points in mind to help you take advantage of the growing opportunities in menswear. Whether you’re a new player in the game or already have a foot in the market, you can put the insights highlighted here to good use.

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