Waitrose reverses decision on controversial ‘time bank’ scheme

Waitrose has made a u-turn on its controversial ‘time bank’ scheme which expected employees self-isolating without symptoms and unable to work from home to make up the time at a later date.

However, a Waitrose spokesperson said partners will no longer be required to ‘time bank’ any of their time and will be paid from day one of their absence.

According to the BBC, employees taking time off of work to look after sick family members for example would still be paid during their absence, but would have to cover up to two weeks worth of unpaid overtime on their return.

A Waitrose staff member told BBC that customers and staff were being put at risk through the system as people would continue to show up at work.

When confirming the u-turn the spokesperson added: “We are really sorry that we got it wrong. Instead they will be on authorised paid absence from day one.”

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