Enabling speed and agility in the retail sector

Retail stores are facing huge changes in buying behaviour – 18% of all UK purchases are predicted to be online this year.

However, the physical shopping experience still remains important. What has changed is consumer expectations as they look to replicate their online experiences in store. For any bricks-and-mortar retailer wishing to tempt these customers, speed and agility are key.

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It goes without saying that the right hardware and software technology is needed to achieve a smooth and successful online buying experience. But, in a bricks-and-mortar store, technology can also be the differentiator in transforming the shopper experience by enabling omnichannel capabilities.

For retailers, time and cost are of the essence, especially when it comes to deploying new technology. Taking on a sizeable capex investment can sometimes be a barrier to adopting a new retail solution.

The reason that online-only retailers are so successful is two-fold: convenience and choice. Shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for, compare products and prices, check reviews, and then order with the click of a button. If traditional retailers want to compete, then they need to replicate this online experience, offline.

It’s difficult to predict the future for retailers, but competition will certainly increase. Providing an exceptional customer experience is one way to ensure survival in such a competitive landscape and the right technology solutions can help them achieve this now.

By Chris Labrey, MD for UK&I at Econocom 

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