Clubcard holders to get 50% discount for Tesco’s 100th birthday

Tesco Clubcard holders are set to get a 50% discount on their shopping as part of the supermarket’s 100th birthday.

According to reports by Money Saving Expert (MSE) shoppers will be able to use their discount online and in-store, on items such as “coffee to cat food, as well as F&F clothing and BBQ tools in larger stores”.

To receive the discount, Clubcard holders will simply have to go about their shopping as usual before receiving the reductions at the till when they swipe their card. When shopping online the discounts will be applied automatically.

Steve Nowottny, at MSE, said: “Although we don’t yet have full details, this sounds like an intriguing new promotion – and from what we know so far, a great extra perk for ClubCard customers.

“If you’re a Tesco shopper, this is another reason to consider getting a ClubCard – even without this promo it’s a decent loyalty scheme, and if you sign up now you’ll be ready to take advantage when the discounts go live. However, it’s important to remember loyalty doesn’t always pay.

“Even if something’s seriously discounted by Tesco it may still be cheaper elsewhere, so check. And loyalty cards like ClubCard, Nectar and so on should never dictate where you shop – but if you’re going to shop there anyway, you might as well use one and get the benefit.”


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