Tesco refuses to deny 15,000 job losses

Tesco has refused to deny reports that it is to cut 15,000 jobs as part of an overhaul of its store operations in a £1.5bn cost cutting plan.

A spokesperson refused to deny the reports, telling Retail Sector it was “always looking at ways to run our business more simply and effectively” adding that “whenever we make changes in our business, colleagues are always the first to know”.

According to reports, the majority of the company’s 732 stores would be affected by the changes. Reports by the Mail on Sunday, suggested workers on the supermarket’s meat, fish and delicatessen counters faced the axe.

An internal company email viewed by the BBC, is reported as saying that the job cuts were “still being finalised”, and acknowledged the fact that “any changes” would be hard for those affected. Since current CEO Dave Lewis took over at the supermarket, it has seen over 10,000 job cuts since 2014.

The main union for Tesco staff, Usdaw, called speculation around the futures of some jobs “distressing”.

Usdaw national officer, Pauline Foulkes, said: “It is appalling that they should hear about the future of their jobs in this way. Usdaw is seeking an urgent meeting with the company to clarify the situation, to examine the details of what changes they are proposing and what this means for staff.

“Our priority will be to press Tesco to confirm the details of their proposed changes to stop any further speculation.”

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