Tesco distribution workers to strike over Pay Review

Workers at Tesco’s Dagenham distribution centre are striking for 24 hours due to a dispute over the 2017 Pay Review.

In a statement Tesco workers union Usdaw said it “hopes that the company will now bring forward a suitable offer so that industrial action can be averted to avoid disruption”.

Dave McCrossen, Usdaw divisional officer, said: “Usdaw has engaged positively with Tesco for over a year in an attempt to find a mutually acceptable settlement for the 2017 Pay Review.”

He added: “Industrial action is always a last resort and the decision to call a strike has not been taken lightly. Usdaw remains open to further discussions and hopes that the company can make an offer which is acceptable to the membership.”

Retail Sector asked Usdaw to give more context on the reasons for the strike, but a spokesman declined to comment further.

A spokesman for Tesco told Retail Sector: “Customers will not be impacted as we have a robust contingency plan in place.”

They added: “We have put forward a fair and competitive pay deal to our distribution colleagues as part of our annual review process. All our 21 distribution sites, except one, have now agreed their offers.

“We are very disappointed that the union committee representing our Dagenham site has decided to move towards industrial action. We will continue to engage with the committee on this issue as we believe having a conversation is the best way forward.”

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