Hearty Food Company products recalled by Tesco

Tesco has recalled the Hearty Food Company Sausage and Mash and Cottage Pie, as they contain milk not mentioned on the packaging.

A ruling by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said that the products represented a health risk to anyone with milk allergies and intolerances. Milk intolerance can cause problems such as diarrhoea and stomach pains.

In a statement the supermarket said: “We have been made aware by our supplier that due to a manufacturing error certain date codes of the Hearty Food Company chilled Cottage Pie and chilled Sausage and Mash may contain small quantities of milk.

“These products should not contain milk and as such milk will not be declared on the packaging.


“Please do not consume these products if you have an allergy to milk, return the affected product to store where a full refund will be given.

“No receipt is required. Tesco apologises to our customers for any inconvenience caused.”

The affected items are 400g portions of Sausage and Mash with dates of 25, 26, 29 April, along with 1 and 2 of May, and Cottage Pie with the dates of 24, 27, 28 and 30 April, as well as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 May.

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