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Shoppers seek overseas ecommerce to combat Brexit prices

A third of UK online shoppers have chosen to buy from abroad according to a survey by online shopping community

Shoppers are thought to be looking overseas due to a rise in UK prices following the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

The UK is much more loyal to its own online retailers than Italy, where 86% of shoppers buy from abroad. Spain and Germany also prefer to look overseas with 78% and 77% respectively shopping on foreign sites.

Around 60% of UK shoppers said they used foreign online retailers as the price was much better than UK retailers, even with additional shipping costs.

A third of shoppers in the UK said that they shopped abroad because that was the only place they could find the items they were looking for.

The figures come amid a significant number of bankruptcies, layoffs and premises closures on the UK high street, including BHS, Toys R Us, Maplin, Mothercare and Marks & Spencer.

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