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The Range bans under-18s from shopping alone in its stores

Homewares retailer The Range has banned under-18s from shopping alone in its stores, “due to the products on sale in store”.

A backlash began in Wales after two 17-year-olds were kicked out of the chain’s Rhyl store whilst shopping for Christmas presents. The teenagers’ mother, Karen Jayne, took to the ‘Restoring Rhyl’ Facebook group, describing her sons as embarrassed. Jayne added: “They are not your average teenage troublemakers – they are 17 and had just got their wages and had gone in to buy Christmas presents.”

Jayne said she had contacted the store to make an official complaint. The Range’s website makes no mention of an age restriction on shoppers in the store, only mentioning age restrictions in relation to the purchasing of goods.

A spokesman for The Range told Plymouth Live: “Our customers are our priority and it is important to us that they enjoy their visits to The Range. Our policy requiring under 18s to visit stores with an accompanying adult is intended to ensure a pleasant in-store experience for the majority and similar policies are utilised by a number of different retailers.”

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