New Asda proposal could see up to 2,500 jobs slashed

A new proposal from ‘Big 4′ supermarket retailer Asda could see up to 2,500 jobs slashed, as the group is considering changing employees’ roles and working hours.

The group said it needs to consider “changing the roles we need our colleagues to do” or the hours needed in particular parts of our stores, with reports saying the main areas that could be affected by this proposal include petrol, bakery departments and back-office employees.

An Asda spokesperson said the group must “always look at how [it] can work more quickly and efficiently for its customers”, and added that “in a competitive retail market customers rightly expect great value and ease of service.”

A statement from the firm read: “We believe the proposed changes we are consulting on would allow us to do a better job for our customers. We also recognise that discussions about potential change aren’t easy. If the decision is taken to implement the proposed changes we would work with our colleagues to look at the potential impact of these proposals on them.”

On 10 May 2018 Asda agreed to a proposed merger with Sainsbury’s, worth £13bn. The merger of the two supermarkets will create a business with a 31% share of the grocery sector, overtaking current leader Tesco on 28%. The combined revenue of both groups is estimated to be £51bn and one in three retail pounds will be spent with the new group.

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