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Poundland to open in 20 former Poundworld locations

Poundland is finalising plans to open stores in up to 20 large former Poundworld locations and has offered all former Poundworld staff to get in touch for “guaranteed interviews”.

Initial openings in the first phase include Edinburgh (Cameron Toll), Killingworth (Tyne & Wear) and East Kilbride and Ayr in Scotland, the latter two of which will incorporate Pep&Co shop-in-shops.

Poundland expects to re-open the new stores at most of the locations by this October and expects the move to create over 400 jobs.

Barry Williams, Poundland’s UK and Ireland managing director, said: “We’re trading strongly and stores with a Pep&Co fashion store are a hit with customers.

“That’s why we’re keen to find larger sites that enable us to bring our widest ranges to more high streets across the country. However, we can only do this if landlords really change their expectations about the total cost of occupation to reflect the new realities of UK retail.”

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